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And it wasn’t very evolved at all for her to not call you back and just say, “Hey lady. So stick to what you know is true, and give away all the fucks. Make a profile that shows you doing stuff you like to do. Your profile should say what you want in life and a partner, not list all the wrongs and tragedies done you, I would like to think. Any woman will be delighted with those later, but they want to know . You would be surprised at the fit dudes who like a little curvy. ” and greet you by saying how pretty your lips would look on their junk.

Here you sit with your broken picker wishing for adult connection, still aghast that the same Timid Forest Creature who was so bold to ask someone out while inconveniently married to you is out doing all the fun things while you mah jong along, playing solitaire as a matter of mental health and basic principle. It didn’t feel very evolved when you opened up the phone bill and called the number that was on there 5,000 times to ask the newly-secretly-impregnated-work-friend what the nature of her friendship with husband exactly was. Whitney Houston asked for no such quarter, just sang the heck out of that song and made Dolly Parton millions. Keep your kids out of the photos, but say you have some. Nobody cares about photos of your boat, your motorcycle or your fishing lures. Some will be so bold as to describe themselves as “Catholic, and Serious about It!

Invite her to do things you actually like to do and if she hates them, she’s not gonna like you.

To be out in the world enjoying activities with someone who has a story, and a heart I might like to know.

” (A talking primate like that would really impress Esther Perel.) But I digress. Because you will be hurt and there will be creeps and you might not find THE ONE. Always start a few levels out from your immediate circle. You lived through cheating, and that makes you kind of bulletproof.


Looking relaxed and happy, she gave the besotted prince a huge kiss as they landed in southern Africa yesterday — watched on the tarmac by an airport worker and a royal protection officer.

I’l be the one rocking out in the horsehair panties and orthopaedic clogs on!

PRINCE Harry organised a secret 36th birthday party for girlfriend Meghan Markle with a jungle barbecue around an African campfire.

Harry, 32, then took the actress to a nearby friend’s house for a surprise gathering.

Guests enjoyed beer and rosé wine round a barbecue under the stars.

“Obviously he wants to show Meghan what an amazing place it is and create new memories together.” The source added: “Harry’s done a lot of conservation work in Africa with endangered el­e­phants and black rhinos and he’ll show them to the woman he wants to marry.


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