Debian updating lenny squeeze

I expect I’ll have to think about make the switch from MATE whan it does. Adding new user 'lightdm' (UID 107) with group 'lightdm' … To have ‘lightdm’ start the Budgie desktop by default you will need to change the configuration file.

Note – Part of the trouble I had was just getting jessie to install cleanly. # Then I installed the packages that I discovered absolutely must be present for the Budgie desktop to start, nothing really out of the ordinary here but it is worth noting you need ‘libgl1-mesa-dri’ and ‘network-manager-gnome’. Creating home directory '/var/lib/lightdm' … usermod: no changes usermod: no changes usermod: no changes Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.24-5) … Look for the ‘user-session’ entry in the seat configuration section and change it from default to ‘budgie-desktop’.


I have been maintaining the ISPmail tutorial since Debian Woody.It was quite straight forward, though I was a bit thrown off when asked for the URL of the installation image (see below) as I expected to be able to choose an appropriate mirror from a drop down list.


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