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Passing was a rite of passage to manhood and citizenry, in which he would continue to serve in the military and train as a soldier until the age of 60, when the soldier could retire to live with his family.

Every parent in Judea since ancient times was required to teach their children at least informally.

Between the age of 18 and 20, Spartan males had to pass a test that consisted of fitness, military ability, and leadership skills.

A student's failure meant a forfeiture of citizenship (perioidos) and political rights.

Children who are not vaccinated put themselves and others in danger of acquiring and spreading preventable diseases, particularly to those individuals who cannot receive vaccinations, such as infants, pregnant women, and individuals with compromised immune systems, including the elderly and those with diseases like HIV/AIDS and leukemia.

“That is why I am introducing legislation mandating vaccinations for public school students.

Research has shown that vaccinations are effective; they keep children healthy, save lives, and protect future generations of Americans.

“The health and safety of children should be our top priority.



Based on the law’s verbiage, students will be subjected to LGBT-promoting curriculum in order to brainwash them into accepting any flavor of the sexual rainbow that a person might choose to adopt.

Over the centuries, as cities, towns and villages developed, a class of teachers called Rabbis evolved.


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