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William Wilson received the nickname "Mookie" as a child, when his mother noticed he was having trouble asking her for more "milk."Mookie Blaylock could have been the name of a famous band.

But when the band was told they couldn't use his name as their band moniker, they adopted his other nickname and became known as "Pearl Jam," a name that also has rumors to its origins.

In less than a decade, both MLB catchers will be Hall of Fame members.

Carlton Fisk earned his nickname with the Boston Red Sox for his physical stature, standing 6'2" tall and weighing 220 pounds.

There are so many famous AKAs in the world of sports, and many deserve their place at the top of the heap. Whether they describe physical appearance, a catch phrase, or an extreme and unique ability, these nicknames follow their host, even beyond the grave.

Applicants are ranked on creativity, unique jargon and consideration of prominence. The former Super Bowl champion New York Giant gained the nickname due to his large stature and semi-rare left-handedness. Load," and "Round Mound of Touchdown," in reference to one of Charles Barkley's many monikers.


His nickname is more a basic description of the entity he embodies than a catchy alter-ego. Hockey" is used to sum up his life, and it is very fitting.

Following legal troubles, Camacho retired from professional boxing and has since proclaimed himself to be a "born again Christian."Johnston got his moniker from a teammate on the Dallas Cowboys, Babe Laufenberg, a second-string quarterback.

Troy Aikman and Johnston remain close friends, having won three Super Bowls together.

Shaun's nickname is born out of obvious connections.


One look at the high-flying X-Games star, and it's easy to see why he is called "The Flying Tomato."The long red locks flowing from his helmet while he seems impenetrable by gravity seems to make this nickname non-inventive, but still a perfect fit.He pitched parts of 11 seasons with the Minnesota Twins (1990,1993), Florida Marlins (1995), Chicago Cubs (1995) and Boston Red Sox (1996-2002). Can you imagine trying to pass through airport security with his full name on a passport?


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