Vj anushka dating ranvijay

I don’t want to rule out anything for the future but for the time being, I wouldn’t like to take part in any reality show, unless it’s something like Amazing Race.

Would you let your girlfriend participate in Splitsvilla? I would definitely encourage her to go for a show like this.

I liked vishal for his sensitive nature which is same like mine but now I don’t like him coz how cud he not understand that at the end obviously I would choose him and not varun. I just love the ambience and everything was so damn perfect and romantic. As soon as I finished Roadies, the channel offered me a three-month contract. You have been part of Roadies since its inception, how has the show changed in terms of contestants?



They play their politics even before the elimination round happens and they know who’s going home. But after winning the show, things changed drastically for me.

It doesn’t feel that great coz when I came to know that I got a re-entry I actually thought I would surely win.

I had a great chemistry with vishal and I did all my tasks well.

Keeping me in the game would surely be a threat to varun coz I would never choose him.


He asked me to choose one guy n say something special to him and convince him so that he doesn’t vote me out.

When I said those Punjabi lines for varun so vishal got pissed and he erased ritu’s name and wrote my name coz he said that while going from the show I confessed my liking for vishal n now when I’m back he was expecting something nice for him not for varun.



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