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The added advantage is that Whats App also allows for voice calls and video calls apart from exchanging text messages and multimedia messages.

So if you can tap into someone else’s Whats App account, you can know quite a lot about what he’s been up to lately.

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Currently, Whats App is the most popularly used messaging platform.

This software will update you about the targeted person’s whereabouts without giving them a whiff that they are being tracked.

There are a number of spy softwares that allow you to track Whats App without the person getting any whiff of it.

It is a set of program this is programmed in manner to trap all the digital data and minimize the size.

Now, the program waits for getting the internet connectivity.

When the device is connected to the internet network, it sends all the trapped digital data to the particular website.

This website can be accessed by the hacker and know all the necessary digital information.Apart from Whats App, The Truth Spy can also be used to spy over other messaging platforms like Skype, Viber, Line and hangouts.


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