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Aaliyah really knows how important fans are, and really goes the extra mile for them.Recently Aaliyah has branched out to more sites than her own, even doing sets for Twistys.Aaliyah might also be the cutest girl current shooting as well.Aaliyah does not do any hardcore work, and focuses on lesbian, toying and solo shoots.At APC, we’re of the mind that big girls do it better.When it comes to dirty talk, these dirty girls leave nothing to the imagination; they’ve got no hang-ups, they’re not shy and they love nothing better to talk dirty with guys who love to chat with big beautiful women.Please respect me and the others in my chat, because I will always respect you. I WON'T DO ANAL (BUTT PLUGS ARE OK), FISTING OR DEEP THROAT SO DON'T ASK AND DON'T ASK ME WHY I WON'T DO IT!!! I only cam with other girls you will not see me with another guy on cam. So that's my story I never wanted implants, but I also wanted to feel like a real woman again. Sometimes my room get's very busy but I still try to answer all your questions.

After she turned 18, she became a full time model, focusing on webcam shows.Every time we have had contact with Aaliyah, she has been a huge sweetheart.


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