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My neighbor comes over to use my edger, and I use his cultivator. They're just as effective in a smaller size and they will last you twice as long.

That means only six days a week of meals instead of seven. #30 - The flowers aren't for the dead people, they're for the mourners.

They usually have a stash in the lost and found section — say yours is black and small and they'll almost always have one. There's no shame in going through the neighbors' trash once it has been placed outside for collection.

It's public domain, and you can pick up some great things that other people just don't want or need any more. You can eat like a king for free on the bags of food they throw away at the end of the day.

If you're having trouble with money, seek out a partner that has a great financial head on their shoulders. And it helps the environment as well as your pocket!

Before I go to bed at night, I spend 10 minutes walking around the home unplugging everything that isn't in use.

There may be tax breaks but when you're single you're rolling in money, even on a low salary. For a start, women need way more money than men, including toiletries, clothes, shoes, hair styling and more. Simple premise but it saves all of us a fortune in my family.

Most women can't go five days on one big batch of chili or spaghetti — they want variety. Once you start having kids, kiss goodbye to any extra cash you did have. We put all the names in a hat at Christmas, and then each pick out one. And that way, you're all not buying gifts for everyone. They will always have things that you can borrow instead of buying them.


But occasionally I get stuff that makes me scratch my head.When you're running the faucet waiting for the hot water to come through, let the pitcher catch the cold water. Pick out the exact color you want and get it mixed in the quantity you want.


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