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Maybe you two have already done the deed a million times.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you know exactly what your partner wants and likes in bed, and it's probably a good idea to find out.

Tammy Nelson writes on The Huffington Post, it’s crucial to share them with your partner, especially if you two have been dating for a year or longer.

It would be really unfortunate if, for example, you two moved in together only to find that one of you (wrongly) assumed cohabitation was the step before marriage.

The same goes for your thoughts on starting a family.

If you’re just not into the idea of having kids and you find out that your partner wants a minimum of two, you may start to rethink the future of the relationship.


But by the time you’re in a serious relationship, there are certain subjects you absolutely must discuss if you’re going to continue to build a healthy partnership.

If you could describe your musical taste in three artists, who would they be? If you could give me a tour of your hometown, where’s the first place you would take me?

If you could sit front row at a concert, what one would you go to? If you could sit front row at any sporting event, which team or event would you see?

While it might be nicer to just lay in bed together binge-watching Modern Family and “enjoy the moment,” a serious relationship requires some conversation about what each person envisions for the next few years. Unfortunately, this conversation is less about romance and Prince Charming and more about household chores.

Especially for couples who live together, it’s important to figure out who’s responsible for and actually enjoys which everyday tasks.According to relationship expert Paulette Kouffman-Sherman, the most important thing is that the division of chores feels fair. But don’t take your partner’s thoughts about infidelity for granted.


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