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In fact, Beyoncé almost makes rapping look as effortless as Hov does.

The main difference is that for her, it’s strictly recreational.

Her hip-hop fluency gave her an advantage in the pop-star arms race, helping her to become the presiding voice in an increasingly rap-dominated musical landscape.

Her evolution, from rap-adjacent R&B star (appearing as early as 1998 in a Geto Boys video) to reluctant hip-hop shareholder to full-blown rapper, played a role in slowly shifting the sound of pop radio.



Few would be shocked to learn of the existence of a Beyoncé rap mixtape, where she would shit-talk a little, sing her own hooks, and show off her ear’s usual tuning to what’s hot.

In 2001, when she was merely the most charismatic member of the R&B group Destiny’s Child, a young Beyonce Knowles took the title role in a made-for-TV movie titled Carmen: A Hip Hopera.


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