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The train station is situated far from the airport, so you will need to look for a way to get there by yourself.It is a pity but there are not so many people in Ukraine who speak English well and could help you with purchasing tickets.Our stuff checks the condition of each apartment every 3 months to keep the information about accommodations to be according to a current time.If you did not find an apartment that you like from our list you can contact our manager and leave your request with your desires.It will be wiser to take a guide-interpreter in Poltava city for safer and cheaper visiting of Poltava city.We offer our guests high skilled guide-interpreters in Poltava city for reasonable prices.People who visit Poltava has a few favorite places of interest where they like to go to walk, to make good pictures.


Interpreter could help you with sightseeing or with a private conversation.

As we know many foreigners come to Poltava city with a hope to find a beautiful, smart, kind and faithful wife. Poltava city can be proud of its beautiful and stunning ladies who made happy many men from all over the world getting married with them.

Contact our manager and ask about beautiful girls in Poltava and guide-interpreter!

Apartments in Poltava There are a lot of nice apartments in Poltava you can book for cheap through our agency if you decide to .

Apartments for rent in Poltava is a good choice because we have more than 20 good variants you can choose from.

There are three ways to get from Kiev Borispol (KBP) to Poltava city.


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