Dating vintage yamaha drums updating msn explorer


The only difference between these two plants is that the Osaka plant uses the more exclusive woods (maple, birch and oak) In 1987, Yamaha acquired the Premier Percussion factory in England in an attempt to establish the Yamaha name in the tougher European market.

Their factory in Osaka produces their high-end professional drums as well as all of their marching percussion. The factory in China produced the entry-level Gig Maker kit and the intermediate-kit Stage Custom Birch.In 1992, Yamaha withdrew and sold their stock shares back to Premier.Tour Custom - A line of Yamaha drums in production from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s.These drums featured a Mahogany/Birch hybrid shell. There were 5 finishes available for the Tour Customs including Cobalt Blue, Pure white, Solid Black, Mellow Yellow, and Red Wood; all in a high gloss lacquer. The Turbo Tour Customs were deeper in depth than most other tom's at this time.


Yamaha Rock Tour Custom - In production from the Early 1990s until the mid 1990s.

AUM This label is essentially dedicated to the big names of free music and the Vision Festival of New York.


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