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And I will talk to you today about what I think this requires of us as a church community and as individuals within it (whether single or as friends of singles).

Church-leadership and members are facing a relatively new challenge, or at least a more punctuated challenge relative to our history.

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While single adults have always been a part of our faith community, the demographic of the church is changing with individuals remaining single longer.

In 1960, the median age of marriage for American men was 22.8, and American women 20. In 2010, the median age of marriage for American men and women is a full 6 years older: 28.7 for men, and 26.5 for women.

It also makes it much more difficult for faithful individuals to sort out how to be whole and happy in a context of sexual chastity and singleness.

To love self, to love others, and to love God : This is the point of all of the commandments, remember.

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