Late dating the book of revelation

It is well recognized that even the Gospel of John, from beginning to end, is never flattering to the Jews. Another reason for suggesting an early writing is the mention that some heretics were calling themselves apostles (Revelation 2:2). Indeed, the Book of Barnabas, which was written near the end of the 1st century by a Jewish/Christian, was decidedly anti-Jewish in its themes.In Revelation there is given a clear reference to the city of Laodicea as being rich and prosperous (Revelation 18). He was persistent in the book with Of course Christ did not come back as depicted in the Book of Revelation or the other New Testament books. Paul was reporting the errors of some people who believed that a resurrection from the dead had already occurred (2 Timothy ).It would be daft indeed to imagine that Christ actually did come back to earth between 63 and 70 C. Yet, strange as it may seem, there appears to have been a few people who insisted that he did. Since the apostles taught that Christs second advent would be accompanied by the resurrection from the dead, there must have been some who taught that Christ had somehow returned perhaps in a mystic or secret manner.

With John writing his Gospel, the Book of Revelation and his three epistles (and he was the one who put together the final collection of books to form the New Testament), the reading of these documents by people in various parts of the world or in future ages of time would be accounted by God (in common custom with the early Christians) as though the person (or persons) who wrote the books WERE PRESENT WHEN TIME DOCUMENTS WERE. I will discuss this principle later, but it is an important one to realize for us who live in these modern times.Even in the 1st century there was confusion over the prophecy.Some people thought it meant that John would continue to live until the Second Advent (verse 23). These two statements indicate an early writing of Revelation because after the Jewish/Roman War of 66 to 73 C.

The two references concern the wish of some Christians to be Jewish, though in actual fact they were not Jews (Revelation 2:9; 3:9).

There is little doubt in my mind that this period is the time that the Book of Revelation was finally canonized.


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