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This means you only need to set it up once and decide if you want to enable it this stream or not. Switch the betting system to a voting system and let them vote without any currency at all.

The overlay will be displayed with percentages then instead of total amount of points then.

It looks like that: It creates both timers as a textfile and you can customize them in some ways like the time format.

Here's a screenshot of our tooltip for the time zone textfield: You can also display a custom text after the countdown finished like "Starting soon(TM)" which I personally really like.

let's be honest: It's a pain in the ass to do and hence nobody does it. What would happen if that process of creating a bet, letting people do the betting, closes it and actually select winners was automated? We also offer overlays which you can use for your stream and decide on some customizations such as the labels, betting commands for the viewers and animation you want and if the overlay should hide again after the time is up where people can bet so it only fades in again to announce the winner of the match.

That's where our betting system comes into play since that's exactly what it does! Voting: If you don't like to use a currency for your stream then don't do it.

The uptime will start automatically when it detects that your stream went online and the "Max Sleep Timer" is a safety option when your stream disconnects, OBS crashes, etc.

It will stop the uptime and continues if you reconnect within that sleep timer.



Note: If you don't like setting up the timer in these settings you can also do that per commands in chat. As the name tells it's a simple text-to-speech system which enables your viewers to let a voice say what they wrote in chat.You can also let the script write those information in textfiles so you can use them in your overlay if you prefer that rather than using your stream title.



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