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In the 17th century, at the church of St Vigeans, near Arbroath, communion was not held for several years because the villagers believed there was a curse on the church.The curse said that if communion were held then the church would fall into a large subterranean lake.Lindsay was excommunicated for his troubles and it was felt that this was incompatible with his role as Chief Justiciary.The monks of Arbroath Abbey selected Alexander Ogilvy of Inverquharity as his replacement and the insult led to pitched battle in the town, leaving 500 dead, including Lindsay and Ogilvy.Arbroath was the location of the Battle of Arbroath in 1446.



The abbey relatively quickly fell into disuse and eventual disrepair after its dissolution at the Reformation, the lead from the roof rumoured to have been used in the 16th century civil wars and the stonework plundered for housebuilding throughout the town.After the original harbours, dating from the 14th and 18th centuries, were replaced in 1839 with a larger harbour, the local council tried to find fishermen who would be interested in migrating to Arbroath in order to take advantage of the new facilities offered.The town council contacted fishermen in nearby Auchmithie and further afield, including Shetland.The ruins were a popular site for travellers during the 17th and 18th centuries, and finally in 1815 the remains were taken into the care of the State for preservation.

The remains are now administered by Historic Scotland.

The town is notable as the home of the Declaration of Arbroath, as well as the Arbroath smokie.



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