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tony GA""My adult son is so pleased with the quilt!He had it made out of his swimming t-shirts, and it's a wonderful reminder of all his work and good times. We are both amazed at the great quality of the quilt and your responsive service. Barbara, MD""Although I put off having this quilt made for a year, because I was overwhelmed by making the wrong choices, and was worried that I wouldnt like it in the end, when the quilt came I was brought to tears by how wonderful it it looks!Thank you ever so much for all of your orders and your emails and your kind words about these.


It's hard to put my finger on exactly why it's so hard to do these things when your kid is super little. Andy, on hands and knees: "Look, there's Indian corn." Also, many knitting needles, cable needles, yarn needles, embroidery needles, and countless mini-legos and countless ponytail holders. Now I'm out of time to look them up and I have to go but I will take a picture and show you and link to them soon. S.: That's Clover Meadow's face when she is listening to the dustbuster.

Your customer service was very patient with me and I am so happy I finally got this beautiful memory quilt.

Karen, MA""I had been dragging my feet on submitting my quilt order, but now that I have the finished product, I'm motivated to organize and send in the other t-shirts I have been saving. (Delta, TX)""To ALL the employees at the Quilt Loft: I received the double sided t-shirt quilt you made for us. I researched your company and anticipated a good job, however, I couldnt in my wildest dreams have imagined the beauty of our quilt. (Leslie, NY)""I thought the whole process was easy...

Why does my child insist on changing all of her clothes (and taking half of everything out of her dresser) every time she spills four drops of water on her sleeve?

Just a few thoughts that run through your mind when you're experiencing your first, uninterrupted fit of binge-cleaning in five years.

"Terri, Ohio Even though I ordered the quilt on the last day to get my quilt back in time for Christmas, I really didn't think it would be done in time. I received it on Dec 23rd and it was everything I hoped it would be! There were several interchanges - they worked miracles on some very old and tattered samples.


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