Disable automatic updating vista


Dalai revises his list of required Windows kernel-mode-driver (Win32K.sys) updates every Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of the month).

The September 2016 Patch Tuesday updates are scheduled for 13-Sep-2016 and if you leave automatic Windows Updates enabled you will likely find that your "" hang and high CPU consumption will return next month after Microsoft releases their next batch of Patch Tuesday updates.

In those cases you want to manually install it and not rely on the Windows driver update service.

But in Vista and Windows 7 you can easily disable the automatic driver updates.

------------ Download all the updates that you need for your OS and version (x86 in your case), make sure updates are set not to check automatically until you have installed all the ones you need in the right order.

Restart the computer each time you need to do this, by the way!


My last updates for Vista were installed 26/07/16, KB890830 twice. The last check for updates was on 8/8/16 and my computer states it is up to date. I started it last night and it was still "checking for updates" this morning.

This involves the local group policy editor, which can be started from the Start meny by typing “gpedit.msc” followed by Enter.



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