Are michael stagliano and holly dating

"When I finally tried calling him, he already had his phone taken away from him for production reasons." She continued, "I begged the show to let me talk to Michael before the taping, but they refused. I didn't want this to be a shock to Michael." Stagliano thinks Durst could have tried a little harder to let him know about the engagement.


The 27-year-old winner spoke to reporters about learning of the engagement on television, how he really feels about the couple, and what he plans to do with the money. Michael Stagliano: One of the things I thought about in the deliberation room was that I could have said ...I was really proud of us and proud to be her teammate ... It was really shi--y what she did and what happened. Two shining examples are that if you knowingly manipulate a woman to have feelings for you and kiss her and promise her things and then when she figures out that's not the case and is upset about it, for — on national television — you to call her a b---- and "Hurricane Melissa" — a good guy doesn't do that. Stagliano: It seems like a half-truth when people say I don't have any regrets.Holly and Blake said, "We tried to call you." They got engaged on Sunday, the finale filmed on Tuesday, they had maybe 36 hours so I don't get what that sentence means. Even to take it a step further, just out of respect for me, which I've certainly shown Blake and Holly ... I would've put my foot down and said there's no way we're going to let this happen, that we're going to let him get blindsided and not find out about the engagement until he's on national television and in front of a live studio audience. Also, none of this aired, but Blake made a deal with me and came to me after the kissing contest and said, "This is where Melissa and I are at, we're on the outskirts, I want to make a deal with you where I take Holly on the date for strategy reasons, I'll keep her safe as long as you keep Melissa around." He was shaking my hand and looked me in the eye ... I do regret some of what happened, namely putting trust in Blake. somewhere warm with a beach and with Holly and Blake not around."She has a firm hold on my heart," the 28-year-old dentist said.

"It's the most serious [relationship] that I've ever been in… Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano may have won 0,000 on the second season finale of "Bachelor Pad," but it's not all wine and roses for the formerly engaged couple.


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