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The Uber driver who picked up Ms George on the night revealed her terror when she entered his car.


As regards to our children’s interdiction to leave French territory without my prior authorization, this decision, also ruled by the Judge, is the result of Melissa George's attempt to secretly leave the country with our children without my consent, which led me to file a criminal complaint for kidnapping attempt.

'She's a very nice person,' he said, adding he wasn't aware of who she was because he does not watch English television programmes or movies. So I didn't sign it, and to this day I still never signed that contract.'Ms George also claimed she received text messages from Mr Blanc saying: 'You're destroying my baby by breastfeeding him...

Speaking to Channel Seven reporter Steve Pennells, Ms George described an alleged contract she was given after her relationship with Mr Blanc became official.'I got given a contract by a lawyer in Paris that said that in case of a separation, we must fight in France,' she said.'(The contract said that) if we have boys, they must be circumcised, they must be brought up in the Jewish religion ... You need to put your boobs in a bag.'She said she suspected Mr Blanc was hiring private detectives to follow her around Paris, 'planting' people to 'disturb her'.'I get very paranoid. There's a few people that just are planted to disturb me, that I see. Daily Mail Australia has contacted a lawyer for Jean David Blanc for comment.

The 40-year-old Australian actress claimed she was violently attacked by French entrepreneur Jean David Blanc, 49, at their penthouse apartment in Paris last year.


In an exclusive interview with Channel Seven's Sunday Night, an emotional Ms George said Mr Blanc stood over her after 'repeatedly' striking her in the face and body and said: 'Now you're a real actress.'She also claimed Mr Blanc sent her text messages claiming she was 'destroying' their youngest son by breastfeeding him and had hired private detectives to 'disturb' her.

The former Home and Away star claimed the alleged violent encounter happened on September 7 after Mr Blanc came home early in the morning and woke her up by watching television loudly, prompting a heated argument.'It started with him on top of me with my arms locked above my head. The pair were both charged with assault after a judge ruled it impossible to determine who started the fight Joint custody: The pair alternate full weeks looking after their children Raphael, 3, and Solal, 1.


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