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Their heads tend to turn orange and get sticky and they are prone to Pox.

Pox is the worst cabbie sickness, The P factory kids get dark spots, and the PMI kids get pinpoint dots surrounded by a light spot we call reverse pox.

Jul 06, 2009 What is the value of a Cabbage Patch Doll from 1984. Cabbage Patch Kids; Type: Dolls: Inventor: than the United States hold a higher value in the eye of some 1984. This page is always a work in progress : There are many types of Cabbage Patch Kids.

Find best value and selection for your original cabbage patch doll 1984 search on e Bay. 1984 cabbage patch doll 2,577 listings New listing 1984 Cabbage Patch Kids Jesmar Pitts Bouts de Choux 1 Lemon Blonde Green Eyes. I have a Cabbage Patch doll from 1984, still in its original box and also have Cabbage Patch Preemies still in there original box and am wondering what there value is.

The value of these kids depends on condition and originality.

You should get to know foreign CPK qualities, and be able to identify them by sight if you like them.

Some kids are hand signed by Xavier, mostly Softies, but some MM kids were signed at collector events.

Body Tags The side body tag will let you know what factory and country of origin your Kid is from.

The Tsukuda kids have beautiful complexions and butterfly patterns in the eye paint. They produced head molds 1-4 and A/A and Caucasian kids. The papers have only one name written in English and Japanese. Replica Clothing There are some amazing seamstresses that make clothing replicas and collectors that will pay high prices for them.Look for the factory code which is 1, 2 or 3 letters, sometimes accompanied by a number.The Coleco factory codes are OK, KT, IC, UT, P, PMI, SS, and WS.Please visit the helpful links on the links page if what you are looking for is not here.

A question for Collectors: Q: Is there a method to the madness. How to Identify you r Cabbage Patch Kid These are some basics for beginners to look for when adopting.If possible, always ask questions about the tag, signature, and head stamp info if pictures are not included.


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