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Zim grew up to be wished and wanted by all the girls in Hi Skool (and probably some boys), but Dib still won't leave him be.

Taking advantage of his popularity, Zim starts dating Gaz to drive Dib insane, but how long will he be able to keep up with his lies?

I'll try to work and fix any mistakes I make in this story.

On another side note, this story is based off of the show. Also, in case you're wondering, here are the characters' ages where the story takes place: Zim: 190 Irken years/19 Earth years Gaz: 15 Earth years Dib: 17 Earth years Tak: 210 Irken years/21 Earth years It was Friday morning, a red and black motorcycle drove down the streets heading to a Hi Skool building.


Here we go, again." Zim complained rolling his eyes while Tak sighed."So, what're we talking about here? Skool day was over, and Zim waited by Tak's side as she put her stuff away in her locker while the other kids headed out the Hi Skool building and went to their homes."You seem pretty lost in thought, today." Tak pointed out, turning to Zim. He's really getting to my last nerves, lately.""Look, Zim." Tak sighed.Unfortunately for Zim, Dib wasn't around when the whole scene happened. The Irkens walked to the skool's parking lot, Zim got on his motorcycle and Tak got in her car, then each one took a different path, driving straight home.



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