Cpac conservative dating seminar reggie bush dating now

So what's it like to fire up the world's premier hookup app from inside the heart of it? The Republican strategist, a 31-year-old CPAC veteran, says this matter-of-factly, seemingly knowing that it’s an egregiously misogynist thing to say to anyone, let alone a young female reporter. I met him on Tinder, because I swiped right on every guy whose distance registered as “less than a mile away” from my geographic locale inside the heart of the most popular conservative conference in the U.

S., at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just outside Washington, D. I went in search of people finding love—“in whatever form that takes,” I told interviewees (so hookups, too!

“I try to peacock around a bit.”After drinks, a friend who had accompanied him (a “LEGAL immigrant,” he told me twice) asked if I could look over his Tinder profile and give him feedback from a woman's perspective. He had a good bio, something vaguely related to politics, and then a random hashtag: #lingonberries. ” he said, operating under the false assumption that everyone knows what lingonberries are.


(It also sullied the official conference: The day before he was scheduled to speak at the event, Trump pulled out, citing important campaign travel to Wichita, Kansas. )As I made my way through the conference’s open bars and hotel-suite parties, people started to recognize me. ” they said, pulling me through the throngs to a lanky couple leaned up against a pillar in the middle of the bar.Come Netflix and chill with me.”) I told him I used to watch it but stopped when Zoe, the up-and-coming young reporter who sleeps with a congressman to get scoops, got pushed into the path of an oncoming train.At the conference during the day—between broadsides on Donald Trump’s faux conservatism from Senator Ted Cruz and panels like “Never Lose a Debate With a Global Warming Alarmist: Learn Why Scientists Disagree About the Climate”—most of the people I approached looked at me aghast, offended that I’d suggested they’d come for anything other than Ben Carson’s dulcet, meandering speech about lizards.“I don’t really have the time to mingle while I’m trying to promote this business,” he told me.

Unsurprisingly, attendees were more candid after hours.Last month, Bernie launched for people feeling the Bern.


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