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Middleton-Doctor, a 49-year-old mother of four daughters, just started her job as an enrollment counselor at the university in December, said Crawford, who worked with her as a student services coordinator.

Before that, Middleton-Doctor had been employed for several years by Charleston County, where she helped administer grants aimed at helping the county's poorest residents with problems they couldn't otherwise afford to fix such as repairing roofs or septic tanks, said J.

And we are not talking about just a few isolated cases. Not just the of lawsuits but the fact that they are spread across multiple US States indicates that mishandling of child abuse is “rampant among Jehovah’s Witnesses” (to quote Rick Simons), with negligent oversight by Watchtower leadership a common denominator.

It can now be beyond any reasonable doubt that Watchtower has a serious child abuse problem of epidemic proportions on its hands.

Four further cases are due to be filed, and Irwin expects that several more will come forward shortly.

I called the Zalkin Law Firm offices yesterday scarcely able to believe things were really this bad for Watchtower.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Wade Michael Page, 40, had ties to white supremacist groups and had become subject of a 'domestic terrorism' probe Just one year after graduating from Allen University in 1995, Pinckney became, at 23, the youngest African-American elected to the South Carolina Legislature.

'I think of the irony that the most gentle of the 46 of us - the best of the 46 of us in this chamber - is the one who lost his life.'Susie Jackson, who was fond of playing slot machines, was scheduled to go on a church-sponsored bus trip to Chicago on Sunday and was looking forward to going to the top of the Willis Tower, said Jean Jackson, an associate member of the church.

Since then the floodgates have opened on Watchtower as far as child abuse lawsuits are concerned.

Victims keep streaming forward, confident that justice will be served despite the years that have elapsed since their abuse took place.

If you live in the United States and your own state is not highlighted on the above map, there’s a good chance this is only because there are cases local to you that have not yet come to light.

And JW parents shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this is all in the past and their children are now safe.

Irwin’s firm is currently handling no less than against the Watch Tower Society across six States.


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