10 tips dating depression

It is common for depressed persons to lose interest in sex.

Sometimes medications keep the disposition in balance, but decrease the libido.

Everyone has something in their past that can be cast in a negative light, as none of us are perfect.

Try to remember that your depression does not define who you are.

Before confiding in another, ensure that person is someone who is going to be a constant in your life; someone for whom you genuinely care about and with whom you wish to have a prolonged relationship.Depression is a serious illness but it's a treatable one, and it doesn't mean that all your potentially great relationships are doomed."It is absolutely possible for two people to have a relationship when one of them lives with depression," says Heather Cobb, spokesperson for the National Mental Health Association (NMHA).Consider couples counseling so that your significant other might learn other ways to be helpful.

Dating when depressed might not fit the stereotype of men taking the initiative and women being joyful at being catered to by another.

If someone backs off after you reveal this, DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Some people just do not have any experience with these situations or don’t understand.



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