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In the milkroom each mama has their own approach to our time together: Matilda likes to be milked without her head closed in to the head gate.

Go Go insists that she be milked one side at a time.

We often get cards around the holidays from people who can not imagine their lives without these furry friends.

(Neutered male goats make the best pets, the same is not true for bucks who are driven by hormones and smell very bucky!

Welcome to Sunflower Farm - where all the romance of farm life is still very much a reality.


This lovely man visited twice and then his caretakers asked us to bring him his favorite baby goat Rocky on his death bed for a little snuggle.

We find great joy in sharing our lovely goat herd with visitors so that when they eat our chèvre or feta or caramels, they taste even better because they are remembering a sunny summer day in the field with our herd. We are so pleased that so many people have become part of our Sunflower Farm community in recent years.

Whether you have only visited online or come often in person, you make our lives richer and the farm would not exist without your support.

This 24/7 webcam is one more way we would like to open the farm to visitors so that you can see first hand what distinct personalities these animals have and help us to remind others of the debt of kindness we owe all animals we domesticate.


I have been so touched by people's caring and concern for our goats and know others would be too!The stories of people watching it have moved me to tears on many occasions: a group of retired farmers in a nursing home up north who leave it on all day in the common room because they like to go sit and watch and remember what it feels like to be in a barn, an elementary school classroom who watched a birth live during recess, a father stationed on a ship near Korea who watches the goat kids he is buying when he returns from deployment as a way of finding a bit of home and peace so far away, a student who gets "goat time" as a reward for focusing in the classroom, and so many more lovely stories.


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