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1, 2013 - It has long been accepted that for many species the expectation of food that does not become available shortens their lives.

Now, researchers have found the same is true when it comes to expectations of sex that is denied.

Read more, Aging News & Information Inpatient Sleeping Drug Quadrupled Fall Risk; May Boost Risk of Unexpected Sex?


25, 2113 It has been awhile since many senior citizens had to worry about their sexual regrets.

There is rising concern about the potential risks from unnecessary testosterone use, according to new research to be published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Senior Citizen Longevity & Statistics Sexual Frustration Causes Faster Aging, Serious Health Problems Fruit flies with better sex lives live longer in U.

Michigan Study; aging and physiology are influenced by how the brain processes expectations and rewards Dec.

July 9, 2014 The largest study to examine the link between vasectomy and prostate cancer has found that men who had this birth control procedure have a small increase in their risk of prostate cancer but a stronger risk for advanced or lethal cases of this cancer. Health & Medicine for Senior Citizens Male Infertility Right Up There with Smoking, Diabetes as Death Risk Stanford study finds two abnormalities in semen equals doubled mortality risk in 8 years May 16, 2014 Most of us are aware that smoking and diabetes double our risk of death.

Now, you can add a third to this deadly list defective semen.The researchers had to interview over 12,000 people to learn that women prefer men about their age or slightly older, but men - even senior men - prefer women in their mid-twenties.


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