Craig ferguson dating history

Megan Wallace Cunningham with Craig Ferguson Source: nydailynews A year after the divorce with Sascha Corwin, Craig Ferguson fell in love with Megan Wallace Cunningham and got married in 2008. has been tapped to host a celebrity-driven historical show on History, the cable network announced Thursday.Megan and Craig tied the knot in the farm of Megan's parents in Chester Vermont in a very simple way.During the marriage ceremony, Craig was dressed up in kilt whereas Megan was flaunting her busy showing her beautiful legs in a knee-length Les Habitudes dress.Megan is a very beautiful and charming native of Vermont.

Topics will include a range of offerings including the biggest presidential campaign flop, greatest founding father and key inventions.

GANT is hardly the first brand to go down this route, with brands including Morning Star Farms, MAC Cosmetics and Kleenex investing in their own "unbranded" shows and documentaries in recent years.

But GANT is setting a precedent in the fashion world, said Tony King, co-founder and CEO at luxury ad agency King & Partners.

The couple is blessed with a baby boy Milo Hamish Ferguson born in 2001.

However, the relationship did not work out and the couple got divorced in 2004.

It has set up a brand strategy department inspired by digital agencies, for example, with its own planners and brand managers and a public relations & social media team, which handles both press and influencer campaigns.


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