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How do you think you would you feel if someone you were seeing told you they were born intersexed?

And for the record - to others reading this you can't decide a childs ultimate gender at birth if they are intersex regardless of the star of their genitalia, gonads, or hormones/genetics, all that you can do is guess their development, which is utterly abusive if this is followed by surgery without the full consent of the child, with the childs full understanding, and if you and the surgeons get it wrong when they are kids, you have utterly buggered up their lives for good.

ITs simple don't operate when they are babies, don't think you'll ever know when you may have been with an intersex woman, you won't!!

Well swan spirits, you have the most eloquent and compassionate response on here.

Do you think people who were born intersexed are being deceiptful if they don't tell a potential future partner? QUESTION ONE answer to that would be id obviously ask questions Ques 2 my answer would be no would make no diffrence but again id ask questions as to how happy he was as a male .

I understand there hormone levels are diffrent so in a person who wasnt sure themself .


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