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May not be a thousand miles but it sure is going to feel like it.:( I love him so much and just hope things work out between us.This song really breaks my heart because my attempt at a long distance relationship ended in February.We dated for 2 years, and although sometimes times were hard, overall it was some of the best times of my life. This song became mine and now my ex's song when we started dating.

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At my camp it is the perfect slow dance song, minus the fact that everyone is so tired of hearing answer to what someone responded with the last time i posted which was ages and ages ago, it says the release date is 2005 but all last summer i heard it like every 2 hours like radio stations do with new songs so i am confused as to how a 2-year-old song gets airplay as if it is a fresh new one..it really released that long ago and just now caught on last year? there is another song this site that was the same way, played every 2 hours or so but was supposedly released in 05. Notice that this is a one way conversation, from the guy left behind, to the girl "a thousand miles away".



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    Keisha Grey – Mega Pack Grey was born in Tampa Florida on June 9, 1994.

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