Obese teen dating


The causes of obesity in adolescence are overeating, family history, bad eating habits, little or no exercise, medical illness, low self esteem, medications, depression, emotional problems, stressful life, and family problem. Some of them are diabetes, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, breathing problems, emotional problems and increase in heart disease risk.

Teenagers are more prone to get emotional problems.

Obese children between the age of ten and thirteen have eighty percent chances of growing into obese adults, unless they change their ways and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The obesity problem starts from the age of five and continue till adolescence.

Overall the research shows one in three children aged between 2 and 15 are now overweight or obese - echoing previous figures published by the NHS.

But previous statistics had suggested significantly lower rates of obesity among those aged 11 to 15, which had been estimated at less than 20 per cent.

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Usually a person gets obese when he/she consumes more calories than the body burns.Adolescents who want to tackle the obesity problem should approach a pediatrician who will thoroughly evaluate the cause.



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