Dating service for big women


Our dating site features thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian women who are looking for a life partner.

We offer the possibility to get in touch with serious and sincere girls, who were met in person, interviewed and validated their identity.

Online dating does work — it did for us :)» more John & Christie: «It still gets better every day! We have never imagined dating online could be this great and lead to a long-lasting relationship.

We offer matchmaking services to meet beautiful Russian ladies seeking to be the wives of decent, faithful and good hearted men.

At the same time, men from many different countries find it more and more difficult to find a life partner, in their own country, who still believe in the traditional family values.

Russian women are generally well-educated, contemporary women who still believe in the traditional family.

We recommend you give this site a go — even if you don't find your soulmate, you will have a great deal of fun here!


» more Mike & Caren: «After coming really close to giving up on finding someone who was right for me I have finally found her dating profile and realised — this is the woman I want to spend my entire life with!Our reputation relies on our integrity and honesty.


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