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They have to pretend to be a couple so that Jasmine can try and find out who is stalking Chad.Although the fake turns real awful fast and when these two connect it is HOT.He’s got a front row seat to the destruction of his wildly successful and carefully constructed life.Jasmine and Chad are plunged into a deadly situation when the race to get him to safety reveals pursuit by not only Chad’s enemies but worse, Guardian’s.)I am so glad to have discovered this author and can't wait for the continuing books in this series.5 stars!! It really can be too, it was perfectly written and to say it was the sixth book I didn't feel like I should have read the others first to get the feel of it, or to fully understand what was happening. The only thing now is I WANT to read the other five books, and I will definitely be paying amazon a visit to one click them.The characters are brilliant in this I have to say.


She is assigned to personal security for Chad Nelson, who I might add is verrrry lovely, hot and sexy, he is a famous country singer/songwriter and his life is in danger.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the sister's story as well as all the hot, alpha brothers but it was so refreshing.

Jasmine, was strong and independent and not afraid to own who and what she is..a$$!

Regardless, the self-absorbed bad boy was now hers to protect, and she’d be damned if she’d fail—despite the singer’s best efforts to make things difficult.

One mi Jasmine King loved her chosen profession until she was assigned as Chad Nelson’s personal security officer.

It was refreshing to watch the H/h in this story have adult conversations and adult feelings, not all the angsty BS you find in most romances.



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