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This is essentially what Thorens themselves built, dubbing it the TD160 Super.

The factory TD160 Supers were all based on the TD160 mk II model.

Ron Will's TD125-LB (Singapore) This is a restoration article.

Holger's collection (Germany) An impressive collection of many different Thorens tables including TD124 models and the pictured TD125 LB Mk II. Thorens in the movies: Screenshot from the movie; Rush (2013.

The tonearms differ in the anti-skate devices used. Essentially the same gimbal pivot design as the TP16, used by the TD160, but with a weight-on-a-string design to counteract the skating forces that all pivoting tonearms must deal with.

Moeller's TD124 (Denmark) Monoment Vintage Turntables (Germany) Pigdog's TD124 MK1 with Clearaudio TQ1 2000 tonearm Terry Alford's TD124 mk II (USA) John Hamm's TD124 MKII (USA) John Kritikos's TD124 (Canada) Tum's TD124 (Thailand) Dmitry Tektonidi's TD124 MKII with custom plinth (Israel) td124 badly hacked Burt von Boltons' TD124 Mk II (Sweden) Chris Bingham's TD124 MKII (Northern Ireland) Sean Brown's TD124 MKII (UK) Joachim Bung's TD124 MKII (Ger) Peter Flemings TD124 MKII (Australia) H_Jullien's TD124 MKII (NL) Stein Leikanger's TD124 MKII/Beogram 3000 (Norway) ken mccarty's TD124 mk II (USA) Wolfgang Loos' TD124 mk II (Germany) Paul Woodger's TD124 mk II ( Scotland ) Pitak's TD124 Mk II (Thailand) M_Prendergast's TD124 (USA) a psychedelic TD124 MKII found in NYC (USA) Abe Revilla's TD124 mk II (USA) Serge's collection of Thorens tables (Switzerland) Allan Songer's TD124 (USA) Shinji T's TD124 mk II (Japan) Manfred Weibel's TD124 mk II (Austria) Gert_Sorensen's TD126-III and TD124-II (Denmark) Wayne Steven's "Thorens Rhapsody" (USA) Jean Veys TD124 Mk II (Belgium) Dave Walkup's TD124 MKII (UK) TD 134 - TD135 Alex Nepomiashiy's Thorens TD134 (BG) Samy Kheloufi's Thorens TD135 (France) Paul Woodger's TD135 (Scotland) FGuerin's TD 135 mk1 (France) TD 224 Peters TDW224 (USA) A unique and very cool record changer that goes to extremes in order to maintain correct vta.Typically, the TD160 Super came without tonearm so that the customer could choose his/her favorite arm and allow the dealer to drill the armboard to fit.



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