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Members are also encouraged to add a daily meal of lean meat and a side of salad greens plus vegetables.

“What we’re basically doing is taking out all the guesswork, in terms of calorie-counting,” says Paul Intlekofer, Medifast’s chief marketing officer. ’ The brownie is the same as the maple syrup oatmeal,” as far as calories go.

Such an independent program would cost less than per month, plus grocery bills, of course.

The downside is that this self-regulated program requires more discipline to diet and little support, outside of the encouragement of family and friends. “The environment we live in is really hard to manage,” says Josefsberg.


Critics say some of these weight-loss programs don’t have lasting effects because they don’t teach consumers about nutrition.

“Maybe an apple is zero points, but a candy bar is 10 points. For 9 per month, plus an extra 0 for add-in items such as dairy and fresh vegetables, Nutrisystem delivers all meals — a mix of frozen and pantry-ready foods — to your front door.

“On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 12 pounds a month, so losing 25 pounds in two months is feasible,” says Meredith Bandy, coordinator of Nutrisystem’s public relations and marketing.

For the exercise part of the program, you can take walks and bicycle rides for free.

Or you can sign up for a gym membership at about per month.

Following the program, it would take between 13 and 25 weeks to lose 25 pounds.


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