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It’s also what tends to scar victims most, because eventually they realize that the entire relationship, from start to finish, was a fraud.

It’s like coming crashing down from great (but artificial) heights to unbelievable (and very real) lows. This is why vast inconsistencies in your partner’s behavior should be taken seriously, early on.

The Hyde side also rears its ugly head in disagreements, which sometimes take a violent turn, or in what the psychopath tells others about you and those you care about.

Psychopaths are master manipulators and run excellent smear campaigns.

The real psychopath–a person who is domineering, deceptive, manipulative and cold–reveals itself more and more over time. At first, to lure you and gain your trust you see a lot of carrot. It means coming to terms with the fact that the past was an illusion.

The more control they gain over you, the more they no longer feel the need to reward your “good” behavior (i.e., complying to their will) and resort to giving you the stick (all sorts of punishments, ranging from threats, to cheating, to criticism, to periods of abandonment or emotional withdrawal followed by reconciliations, to physical violence). It means accepting that even the good memories are lies.

As they try to align themselves with his belief system, he shifts.

As they try to align with his behavior or promises, these shift.” (, 119) Dr.



Needless to say, Le Ann Rimes is no innocent victim.

On Halloween last year, Eddie proposed to Le Ann as a prank, but recently they got married for real.


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