Dating a czech girl


Hopefully they’ve got amazing women who take care that things go in check and it’s under their guidance that Czech men thrive.At some point of my stay in Czech I got completely convinced that this nation badly needs to erect a monument to celebrate all the contemporary Czech women without whom I truly believe Czech men today will be totally lost. for my first date with a guy since I don’t know how many years. – it’s always a challenge and demands more efforts to understand one and to love one as as he is and to make yourself understood, sort of to bridge the gap. Actually, I was doing pretty good –following a demanding program in fields that my linguistic mind had little knowledge and finding time for socializing with relatively high-class locals. Although nearly 30, he looked real good and would say that he like a man of style if he didn’t start kissing me passionately right away – lack of taste for which I will somehow excuse an Italian but not a Czech.So I made up my mind to give that Czech guy the chance and he was smart enough to seize the opportunity.His fist try to take me out was a complete failure, though.Simply this Czech guy was definitely not on the right track with me. Actually it was at that point of our date that I already knew I needed to get back home right away.Don’t get me wrong – I would be the happiest woman in the world if a get some nice present from the man I date and I don’t much care if it costs a fortune or just several bucks as long as I know he had spent some time in thinking about me and trying to find something especially for me– but definitely not on the first date and definitely not in some tasteless manner.He was just pushing it too much and unfortunately in the wrong direction.I guess, partnership here is the key concept he overlooked.

I am too young, too smart and still too attractive to be on sale, and it’s even more ridiculous when you try hard to pay for something that they just won’t sell anyway. When I got back home to the dormitory my Bulgarian friend laughed at me and told me that her best friend was being a stupid blonde for not accepting the necklace that he was trying to buy for me half of the evening.

Or simply men like it when you play hard to get – that stupid mentality that will never really make sense to me.

But that’s how you learn that Czech guys are good at carrying out tasks that someone else gives them and in fact they do it quite well, but when it comes to innovation and resourcefulness, that’s not their thing at all.

A place where later on I used to take friends and relatives who kept coming to visit me and Prague during my stay and they were all impressed.


I think that evening I got as much attention as I had always wanted to.So I jumped to the conclusion that either he is unbalanced or has not been out with a woman for longer than me with a man -which for me meant the several months that I had been single since we broke up with my ex.


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