Orgasme sex

And the longer the sex session, the higher the chance the ladies would reach the big-O.

If a steamy romp lasted up to 10 minutes, 50% of ladies said they climaxed most of the time.

But interestingly it was the duration of sex, not foreplay, that made women more likely to orgasm.

In 1905, Sigmund Freud presented his “vaginal orgasm theory” which declared that there were two types of orgasms: vaginal and clitoral.

While Freud declared the vaginal orgasm as superior, little did he know about the many other orgasms women can have.

Take it slow The best way for a woman to achieve this kind of orgasm is for the man to move in slow, circular motions so that the tip of his penis will gently massage the spot.

Unsurprisingly men find it easier to reach orgasm than women.There’s a right time of the month to try Attempt this kind of orgasm a few days before a woman has her period – this is when her cervix is lowest and easier to hit. Start with the basics Take it back to missionary to get you both in the mood.


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